New York City based Errol Antzis is a renaissance man, a lot of things are on his plate - he's managing director of media and entertainment...READ MORE

Errol Antzis of Psychoteria took some time out of his busy schedule to speak with me about his newest release, I Think I'll Just Stay Homed...READ MORE

  Psychoteria is the project of talented multi-instrumentalist Errol Antzis, who with this album entitled “I Think I’ll Just Stay Home” has reached his third record. This time he has a...READ MORE 
  Perhaps the name Errol Antzis wasn't rock & roll enough for this guitarist who goes under the somewhat misleading moniker...READ MORE
  Today, we're bringing you the exclusive premiere of a new track from Psychoteria, "Way Out." The song is the opening track on the new....READ MORE
  Not many rock guitarists have careers in merchant banking, run an online drum magazine, or own a business selling acoustic guitars....READ MORE
  The End Records will deliver Psychoteria's third album, "I Think I'll Just Stay Home" on September 13th....READ MORE

Psychoteria, the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Errol Antzis will be releasing their third album, 'I Think I'll Just Stay Home' September 13th...READ MORE


Watch out for Psychoteria's third album I Think I'll Just Stay Home on September 13, 2011. Fans can find them on tour during the second...READ MORE

  Definitely a varied album in terms of the guitar work, Psychoteria's "I Think I'll Just Stay Home" is characterized by experimentation...READ MORE
  Not going into, say Zappa-esque, post-second wave neo, or even nu-prog, Psychoteria brings about a whole new intricate sensibility...READ MORE

Psychoteria is the work of MIT alum, Errol Antzis, who, along with the rest of the group, is preparing for the September release of the...READ MORE

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